Simon’s adventurous travel on bicycle

I come from the quaint town of Luzern. My passion to travel, to meet the locals and understand their culture has seen me exploring some of the remote yet beautiful places in Europe, Central America, Africa and especially Asia.

My educational background in hotel management has led me to work for a few years in some of the renowned hotels and schools in Switzerland. Driven by my passion and curiosity to explore the world, I made the decision to travel from Switzerland to South Africa by bicycle in September 2010! My brother Philipp who shared the same interest also decided to join me on this journey. We got mixed reactions from family and friends when we first announced this idea of ours. Some were supportive and some referred to us as being simply crazy!

However, packed with almost one year of research and preparation, we took up the challenge and pedaled our way to the promising regions of Africa!!! There were times before the journey took place when I thought that I would not last on a bicycle for a week! On the second day of my cycling journey (before crossing the San Gotthard in Switzerland), a group cyclist requested to take photos of us as they said it is not an everyday event where they would meet someone who would cross the two continents by the humble means of transportation – the bicycle!!! It was at that very moment that everything became so clear; it was that very moment that even after months of research and preparation gave me the shivers whether this idea was feasible or not!!!! It was not too late to turn back but I chose to continue and to overcome the doubts I had. One step at a time, slowly but surely. The sky is the limit and anything is possible!

After more than a year, 21 countries and 23,000km later, our journey reached Cape Agulhas – the southern tip of Africa bares witness to our achievement. It was possible to cycle for such long distance. Having cycled across these numerous countries, we came to realize that the best way to see and explore a place, to meet the locals and interact with them was with this humble eco friendly mode of transportation – the “uncomplicated” bicycle.

After my memorable adventure together with my partner Itisha Ismail, we founded the travel and tour company Bike and Tours. Through with this venture, we support the non profitable organization Brothers Cycling’s conservation projects along as we continue to promote Eco Tourism in Malaysia.