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It is our aspiration to contribute at protecting and conserving environment and also at the same time supporting projects that are aimed at curbing poverty and suffering in certain parts of the world. However, we cannot do all this alone and we definitely need your help to achieve this aspiration. We welcome your ongoing support to allow us to aim for a better future. Donate to Brothers Cycling today and we will direct your generous contributions to a good cause.

Forest management

The forest does not have to be replanted everywhere, but still needs maintenance. Unfortunately this is not always guaranteed on a large area in Bukit Piton. With your support we open up new forest areas, always with the five-year principle in mind. Means, if you contribute,e.g. $ 20, we will invest the money like this, that a project can be guaranteed to be funded for five years. You will be informed regularly about our activities in Bukit Piton.

Planting trees

With $ 70, you can be sure that one tree is planted and then maintained for five years is guaranteed. If this tree should die in this periode, it will be replaced. Following up with the planting, you will receive a document showing what kind of tree has been planted and we will provide you the exact coordinates. This should make it easier for you to find your tree while visiting Bukit Piton.


Posts under CHF70.- benefit forest care. For donations over this amount, we would be grateful if you tell us on the PayPal form how you want your donation be used. Tree pmanting or forest managment. You can also transfer any amount directly to the following bank account:

Account name: Brothers Cycling
Account No: CH16 0028 8288 4521 8441 K
Bank: UBS AG Luzern

Thank you very much!




Forest Managment (CHF20)
Tree and Maintenance for 5 years (CHF70)